Box Pleated Tabs - 5942 / $25.00

The boxed pleated tab treatment has a casual, yet elegant look.

Forming tabs, the boxed pleats extend above the heading, making loops, which will slide onto a decorative rod.

This treatment could be a valance, a café curtain, or stationary panels. The panels are best used in a stationary position, otherwise they would need to be dressed in place after moving them and a full length drapery would be difficult to maneuver. It could have a shaped top and bottom or it could be straight.

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This treatment will work best with fabric of medium weight such as damask, silk, cotton or poly/cotton blends.
I do not recommend using sheer (see-thru) fabric. It will show seams and shadowing which will not give a very desirable finish.

Solid colors or small prints will give the best finish. Use wide stripes with care; the stripes should be the same on all tabs and this may be difficult to achieve.

When making the valance, use self-lining or a color that compliments the face fabric. It could show at hemline when using the shaped top and bottom.

The finished length is measured from the top of the tab.

Determine how many widths you will need. The fullness is figured 3 time the width (40x3=120). Using width size of fabric, divide into total of inches needed (120). Most fabric is 54" (120÷54=2.22). Round fraction to closest whole number. You will need 2 widths. For extra fullness, you could round fraction to the next half width.

Determine cut length by adding 17" to the finished length. This 17" is for the backside of tabs, hems and ease.

A. SOLID FABRIC: Finished length is 84"+17"=101". Using cut length of 101 multiplied by number of widths (2x101=202) determines inches of fabric. Breaking inches into yards (202÷36=5.61), round fraction up to next whole number. You will need 6 yards.

PRINT FABRIC: Divide pattern repeat into cut length. If pattern repeat is 27" (101÷27=3.70), round fraction up to next whole number. You will need 4 repeats. Multiply number of repeats times size of repeat (4x27=108). Use number of widths times cut length (2x108=216). Breaking inches into yards (216÷36=6), you will need 6 yards.

LINING: Use the same formula for figuring yardage for solid fabric.

To determine how many widths, use the same formula as for figuring panels. Determine cut length by adding 8" to the finished length. This 8" is for the backside of tabs and the pillowcase style hem. As printed, the valance will finish 22" at long point. You will need a cut length of 30"