Pick - Up - 5930 / $25.00

The Pick-up valance is simple to make, conservative with the amount of fabric required, using less than double fullness, yet very attractive. It may be cut with a shaped or straight hem. The swagging sections are created by cutting out "W" shapes , then folded. For a formal finish, form a bell shape and pull tip up to cover pleats. For a casual finish, pull tip to back and form box pleats.

This treatment will work best with flexible fabric of light to medium weight. I do not recommend using chintz or heavy weight fabric. The pattern is designed to work best using 54" wide fabric or it may be railroaded for a seamless finish.

Although lining is optional, I recommend using lining. The lining and face fabric should be of similar fibers.

As printed, a swagging section will finish 17" wide x 21" long. You will need an extra 15" in length. This extra 15" is taken up in the swagging folds and seams.

A width of 54" wide x 36" long will finish 2 sections which will equal 34" wide x 21" long.

Example: 90" wide x 34" long

One width of 54" fabric, or 1½ yards of railroaded fabric will make two 17" swagging sections for 34" total.

Divide face size by the section width (90÷17=5.3). Round fraction to nearest whole number. You will need 5 sections.

Divide face size by the number of sections needed (90÷5=18). Each section will be 18" wide.

Add 2 sections for the returns (2+5) giving a total of 7 sections.

One width will make 2 sections. Divide the 7 sections required by 2 (7÷2=3.5). Round fraction up to next whole number, you will need 4 widths.

Use cut length of 36" and multiply by number of required widths (36x4=144). Breaking inches into yards (144÷36=4), you will need 4 yards.

Plan your treatment on paper first. Determine the size and quantity of swagging sections. This treatment will have a bell or box pleat on each end, therefore, one extra bell or box pleat will be needed. The swagging section measures 17" wide (see yardage). Both length and width can be adjusted for size.


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